Experts in UV Disinfection

Our focus on UV disinfection of water is the essence of our success.
Innovation, passion and decades of experience lead our way.



AQUA = Water

FIDES (lat.) = trust, loyalty, reliability

DES = Disinfection


Our UV Disinfection Systems   


Clean drinking water for your health. The carefree solution for private households and small businesses.


Certified Performance and Proven Quality. UV disinfection systems with outstanding reliability and particularly short overall length.

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The new benchmark for wiped UV systems. UV Disinfection Systems with patented HybridWiper®.

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As a European and independent medium-sized company,  AQUAFIDES  puts its customers at the center of its activities.  AQUAFIDES  has a long-term strategy that is oriented to the needs of our customers. Quality, sustainability and flexibility towards customer requests lie at the forefront of this strategy. 

Innovation, coupled with the decades of experience in the water treatment industry held by the employees and management, as well as our own in-house development and production, ensure products and services of the highest quality. Our product lines meet the requirements of most applications.

In addition, the ability to develop non-standard solutions allows  AQUAFIDES  to meet customers individual requests with tailor made solutions. 

24h Service Hotline

We are always there
for our customers.

personal Consultation​

Personal and professional advise are the cornerstone of a pucharse at AQUAFIDES.

​Certified Systems

We are proud to offer a wide range of certifications with our units.

The successful development of our UV disinfection systems is built on decades of experience garnered from our customers, service technicians, sales representatives and developers from various fields of study. Optimal compact size, low energy consumption, ease of maintenance, durability and high reliability are just some of the most essential requirements that  AQUAFIDES  has implemented in its UV disinfection systems. 

Our UV disinfection systems for municipal drinking water supply are fully certified based on the latest European standards covering flows from 1 m³/h to 1.400 m³/h thus fulfi lling even the most challenging requirements.

Wide range of applications

Our UV disinfection systems are certified by country and fulfill all kinds of specific requirements

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That was AQUATECH 2023🥳We would like to thank everyone who visited us at our stand🤗
So many good conversations and nice people, simply incredible! We are already looking forward to the next time in 2025💧


Incredible 10 years at AQUAFIDES🤩Our service technician Robert is celebrating exactly this anniversary this year and we wish him all the best🥳 Thank you for your commitment Robert, we are very proud and look forward to the next 10 years🫱🏻‍🫲🏻

Check out our new videos on how to perform simple service tasks 
with our AQUAFIDES UV-Disinfection units


Replacement of Device Radiometer 

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Replacement of UV Lamps

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Cleaning of Quartz Surfaces

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Preparation and Follow Up

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Sehen Sie sich unsere neuen Videos zur Durchführung einfacher Wartungsarbeiten 
an unseren AQUAFIDES UV-Desinfektionsgeräten an


Austausch des Geräte- Radiometers


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Austausch von UV-Lampen


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Reinigung von Quarzoberflächen

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Vor- und Nachbereitungsmaßnahmen

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