Compact Series

The certified Aquafides customised UVC disinfection systems inactivate bacteria and viruses in drinking water within seconds.The compact design of the systems offers maximum flexibility during installation and guarantees maximum disinfection performance for a wide range of applications.

AQUAFIDES Compact Series

  Certified Performance and Proven Quality 

Water disinfection and in particular the disinfection of drinking water requires the greatest confidence in the equipment and systems used. We at AQUAFIDES have earned this trust over decades through our excellent products, continuous development and our focus on being close to the customer. We produce and develop our UV disinfection devices ourselves. This enables us to ensure the highest product quality at all times and to respond to individual customer requirements by developing special systems. 

The Compact series is type-tested and certified according to ÖNORM M5873 (DVGW, ÖVGW and SVGW) and is equipped with a calibrated norm UV radiometer (UV sensor). High economic efficiency is given by the use of powerful, dimmable 300 and 400 Watt amalgam UV lamps. The in-house control system ensures excellent ease of operation and allows the operator to easily adjust system parameters and monitor the operating status of the entire system. Due to the possibility of software updates as well as control cabinet technology designed for high reliability, our customers are also on the safe side in the future. The various UV disinfection units of the Compact series simply offer an excellent overall package.


Intelligent Control System

The control cabinets specially developed for the Compact series offer convenient and clear operation of all functions with a 4-line display. With our newly introduced 7-inch graphic display, functionality and ease of operation can be increased even further. Additional functions like remote maintenance via ModBus/TCP as well as the possibility to dim the UV lamps are only some features of our new control system. AQUAFIDES control cabinets feature an integrated thermal management with permanent monitoring. Whether for compact singlelamp units or for large-scale systems with several parallel UV reactors, operators can rely on a uniform control system. 

Original spare parts and accessories directly from the manufacturer

Our customers can always rely on the quality and reliability of our UV disinfection systems. Should a spare part be needed (e.g. because a UV lamp has reached the end of its service life), we guarantee fast delivery times thanks to our extensive stock. With our 24h service we are always at our customers' disposal in case of emergencies

Always fits 

Our Compact series convinces with extremely short overall lengths and is characterized by very low pressure losses (< 0.05 bar). Great flexibility in the choice of installation position as well as U- and Z-designs allow our customers to solve even demanding installation conditions. UV lamps and lamp envelope tubes that can be installed on either side are an example of the easy maintainability and user-friendliness of our systems. 

Withstands all pressure

In addition to the very low pressure losses, our irradiation chambers are developed and produced according to the EN 13445. Here we offer a variety of pressure levels, starting from the standard PN10/PN 16 up to PN40 for special projects.

A complete family of devices

From the compact single lamp unit for private households and small wells to the multi-lamp system with up to 12 UV lamps 
for water utilities, AQUAFIDES offers a complete product range. We support our customers with consulting and dimensioning
 as well as with the implementation of special systems.