OptiLon Series

The new AQUAFIDES OptiLon series is designed to deliver a validated and certified UV fluence (dose) of 400 J/m² according to the new DIN 19294 (DVGW/ÖVGW/SVGW). In addition to drinking water, the OptiLon series is suitable for use in industrial process water and wastewater applications.

AQUAFIDES  OptiLon Series

The new benchmark for wiped UV sytems 

Completely new 

developed  7-inch graphic display

  • Extensive control and monitoring functions
  • Modern user interface for simplicity and easy operation
  • Remote control via Modbus / TCP (IP)
  • Fluence (dose) control of the UV device: Adjustment of 
    lamp power according to actual operating condition

Ökonomische Leistungsregelung

  • Dynamische Dimmung der UV-Lampen
    für ökonomischen Betrieb
  • Leistungsreserven ermöglichen einen Boost 
    im Fall von Extrem Ereignissen, wie z. B. Starkregen
  • Integriertes Thermomanagement optimiert die 
    Lebensdauer der Lampe

Economic power control

  • Dynamic dimming of UV lamps
    for economical operation
  • Performance reserves allow a boost in
    Case of extreme events, such as heavy rain
  • Integrated thermal management optimizes lamp lifetime

Patented HybridWiper®  technology


  • optimal wiping result through integration of
    several specific wiper elements: e.g. asymmetrical double lib for soft deposits and ring brush for removing hard fouling
  • customizable, retro- and refittable wiper configuration
  • Easy to maintain and tool-free replacement of wiper elements

  • Cleaning of UV sensor window possible due to special HybridWiper ® design
  • Gentle cleaning of surfaces without any addition of chemicals
  • Very robust overall system: Stress test accounting for several years of continous operation by authorized UV test laboratory

Validated and certified quality 

The Optilon Series comes with a wide range of high-end features
designed to take on all challenges.